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  • Quechen hosted cocktail party in Qingdao

    2014-03-31 Back
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    “One year ago, we made an appointment to gather here this year. Today, we meet again in beautiful Qingdao.” Under the passionate speech by Quechen, our hosted cocktail party started at the venue of 2014 China Rubber Conference.

    At the party, Quechen first thanked to China Rubber Industry Association for giving us this opportunity to express our gratitude to all friends, and then shared a piece of good news about Quechen: On March 14 this year, the first LPS & HDS production line of Quechen Anhui plant was successfully put into operation in Fengyang, Anhui Province. Its annual capacity is seventy thousand mt. So far, the total capacity of Quechen has already reached two hundred and fifty thousand mt.

    Quechen told everyone that every day we use our action to prove that: We’re not only manufacturing high quality products seriously, but also endeavoring to create a better future.