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    The Low Polymerizing & High Dispersion Silica developed independently by Q&C specially for green tires could significantly reduce rolling resistance, improve wet-skid resistance, steering controllability and reduce wear for tires, so as to lower fuel consumption and improve driving safety for vehicles. Currently, Q&C launches four series of silica for rubber industry use on the market: Conventional Silica(CS),environmentally protection & dustless GRanular Silica(GRS), Easy Dispersion Silica (EDS), Low Polymerizing & High Dispersion Silica(LPS&HDS).

    C series of silica developed by Q&C is mainly used for feed addictive, divided into three types: carriers, free-flow agent and anti-caking agent. It occupies an important position in international mainstream markets. C series product has already obtained feed addiction production license issued by China Ministry of Agriculture, completed FAMI-QS authentication,certified with ISO9001 and US FDA. 

    So far, Q&C has been achieving great progress in oral-care silica, successfully developed Dental Thickener Silica(DT) and Dental Abrasive Silica(DA).